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According to a study completed by the US Department of Commerce, internal theft is 15 times more likely to occur than external theft. Theft is only one of the major concerns that an employer faces as they hire new employees. Annually, companies lose billions of dollars to theft, substance abuse, fraud, and poor performing employees.

To avoid these pitfalls, partner with B4 Screening. Our pre-employment screening team can work with any client. By combining our use of innovative technology and our advanced industry knowledge, you'll receive the data you need to make educated hiring decisions.

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B4 Screening is a reputable pre-employment screening and background test company. We help employers around the nation hire honest and responsible employees. With over six years of industry experience, we can conduct checks on any job applicant. Our owner, lead investigator, and manager make sure we provide our clients with rapid and reliable results. This way, you can add the best candidates to your workforce.

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